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Company Information

About Us

Our Mission

We provide systems which help to increase production yield and improve quality for highly profitable agriculture business.
Our “KIBUN™” series systems enhance cultivation effects in any type of horticultural facilities such as “environmentally controlled facilities” or “economical greenhouses”.

  • 事業理念

    Environmental sensors in the facilities to measure values such as solar radiation and EC concentration.
    Accumulated data sent to the data center is utilized for crop growth prediction.

  • 事業理念

    The business model is based on MBD method used in automotive controlling systems. Use the environmental information sent from the sensors to simulate the plant growth on computer and displays directions on PC or mobile devices.


Sensor to monitor crops in field

Application of various IoT technologies in agriculture has begun.
Although accurate prediction of the growth condition plays an important role, the conventional system equipment with various types of sensors requires high initial investment cost. Plant Life System (PLS) made it possible to reduce the initial cost by including the sensor fee into the system license fee. Accumulated data sent to the data center is utilized or crop growth prediction.
The growth and condition of crops perceived by experienced farmers, by their five senses, can now be perceived by our PLS cultivation support “KIBUN” system to constantly collect data required to grow high quality vegetables.


Predictive Control Program to automatically setup efficient growth simulation

  • Developed Predictive Control Program by combining “long years of experience” and “latest ICT technology”
  • Created cultivation algorithm for each type of crop, suitable for each environment and region.
Our company developed our original vegetable cultivation program by combining know-how of experienced farmers to grow high quality vegetables, and predictive control technology used in automotive development process. Based on this program, we have added regional/climate conditions and created cultivation algorithm to grow higher quality vegetables.
This cultivation algorithm predicts plants growth and send direction to users.

Using environmentally friendly power saving system as IoT communication method

  • Power saving system which can be used under minimum communication line.
  • Small solar power panel is enough to operate, in areas with restricted electricity.

Most of the IoT agriculture system send vast amount of data to cloud system thus needing high speed communication line and electricity.
PLS cultivation support system sends limited amount of data only, which makes it possible to operate by using small solar panels in areas without electricity or in developing countries.


Increase revenue by combining IoT system and our unique medium

PLS IoT system, using its unique medium (patent pending), changes traditional agricultural theory, and makes it possible to improve both quality and production yield (example in tomato) to increase revenue.

What is “Tomato no KIBUN™”?
Productivity improvement software for mini tomato which finds out when/what needs to be done to grow high quality tomatoes/ to improve production yield and displays it on the screen (PC/mobile devices). “KIBUN™” software for other fruit/vegetables are currently under development.

Tomato no KIBUN™ cultivation is based on PLS proprietary “AI-RICH agricultural method”(patent pending).

What is “AI-RICH agricultural method”?
AI-RICH agricultural method is PLS’s proprietary method:
-Using Artificial Intelligence〔AI〕to make both people and agricultural products 〔RICH〕.
-Using Plant Life System’s “KIBUN™” series software with [IoT x Alkaline medium] to cultivate value-added products.


Company Information

Company Name Plant Life Systems Co., Ltd.
Established October 2014
Capital 215.25 million yen
President & CEO Takayuki Matsuoka
Head Office Shin-Yokohama Union Building Annex 5F, 3-24-5 Shin-Yokohama,
Kohoku-ku, Kanagawa 222-0033, Japan
Tel +81-45-565-9592
Development farm Toyota city, Aichi
Our Business Sales and Development of agricultural production support technology using
Model-Based Development.